Hub Workshop

This Friday we had the most awesome workshop about Cyprus banking vs. EMI banking, Cyprus tax and social insurance, incorporation of companies in Cyprus and offshore and much more. The presenter was one of the earliest hub members Marvin who has been researching these topics thoroughly for quite some time.

Workshop details here!


BBQ & Beach Volley

Busy weekend at Cyhub kicked off with our Friday night BBQ / see-you-again-party for Ben and Kasia as they had to leave sunny Paphos and return to London. A classic BBQ with lots of meat and a side of veggies and salad with plenty of herbs from the rooftop garden.

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Welcome to Paphos, Cyprus. There’s always a positive vibe, the local cafes serve Freddo Espresso ready for Instagram, the sun is always high and the tax is low. It’s a city destined to be a digital nomad paradice, and here’s why...

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That was fast!

It’s been 3 months since opening day at Cyhub and we are already 12 cool hubsters here on average and more arriving in the coming months. Happy days!

Opening the first coworking space in Paphos was a bit of a gamble. No way of knowing whether the local digital minded folks would embrace the idea or whether Paphos could attract digital nomads to come and work here. Especially considering our thorough market analysis basically consisted of the fact that we like Paphos ourselves so why shouldn’t others.

Read it - do it!


BBQ night at Cyhub on Friday 3. November

It's about time we celebrate the opening of Cyhub with a BBQ dinner on the roof. There will also be Gin & Tonic, beers and wine of course.

Drinking and awkward geeky socializing starts at 17.00 and food will be around 19.00 - depending on how well the drinking goes!

All members and friends of Cyhub are more than welcome.


Two dudes & a dudesse !

At Cyhub you'll find Christina, Nikolas and Michael - we're the daily crew trying to make Cyhub the number one spot to be digital in Cyprus. Anytime you have questions just holla one of us.

More about the crew


The opening of Cyhub

It's september 28 2017. The hub is opening in two days and we still got heeps to do! Can't wait to hang with other digital folks in here... 

 We'll do an official opening GIN & TONICS night on the rooftop as soon as we have furniture up there!