Kennedy Square Paphos
Lighthouse Paphos
Coworking in Old Town
Coworking in Old Town
View of Paphos
Coral Bay beach - Paphos
Paphos - ruins


The city of Paphos

Kato Paphos
In Kato Paphos you will find waterfront cafés, restaurants and tavernas. It's by far the most touristy part of Paphos but still a great place to explore and go for a walk by the sea. Shopping options are mostly souvenir style shops with a few exemptions. Kato Paphos is also where the old castle by the sea is - check it out if you are a history buff.

Tomb of the Kings
The second most popular tourist destination area is Tomb of the Kings. A huge area with tombs and ancient artifacts - and all along it you'll find about one million restaurants and snack joints. The Tomb of the Kings area is also home of Kings Mall - the biggest shopping center in Paphos.

Coral Bay
Some of the more popular beaches in Paphos are in Coral Bay. A beautiful area with lots of restaurants and a vibrant nightlife for tourists, locals and expats.

Nice and easy local area with coffee shops and restaurants away from the crowded places. And also a pretty nice beach.

Pano Paphos
The upper part of Paphos with excellent shopping opportunities, locally priced restaurants and coffee shops and the best views in town.
This is where you'll find Old Town...

Home of Cyhub

Old Town in Paphos

We love Old Town - otherwise we wouldn't have set up shop here. This where you find old dudes playing backgammon in the streets, graffiti on the city walls, the best coffee shops in town. local shops with local produce, creative & crafty shops, great restaurants with awesome views and of course the coolest coworking space in Cyprus!

Old Town is newly restored with cool walking streets and squares - and definitely the most upcoming area in Paphos.

Kennedy Square
Old Town in Paphos - Cyorus
Old Town in Paphos - Cyorus
Old Town in Paphos - Cyorus

The smart way of

Getting around Paphos

Taxis are quite expensive and renting a car is pretty pricy too. So if you didn't invest in bitcoin 10 years ago and you are staying a week or more we suggest you use the city buses or rent a bicycle. A weekly bus pass is 25 EUR and a monthly pass is 40 EUR.

If you are into the whole exercise thing and decide to rent a bike - make sure you check prices where you rent. Some places you'll pay 10 EUR per day - that's nuts! 
We have a few bikes at Cyhub that we rent out to DN's for 35 EUR per month.

Old town to Kato Paphos - harbour

Its a 30-minute walk - a 10-minute bike ride or a 10-minute bus ride. Buses 618 and 610 goes regularly from Old Town to the harbour and vice versa.

Kato Paphos to Coral Bay & T.O.T.K.

Way too far to walk! But on a bike you could definitely make it. And you can actually ride by the sea most of the way. Otherwise bus 615 goes back and forth every 10-minutes or so along Tomb of the Kings Road.

Points of interest

Shopping & dining in Paphos

We have gathered some pointers and recommendations in a blog post about Paphos. You can read the post here and below is a map of locations.