Old town

Cyhub Coworking

Cyhub - coworking in Cyprus
2nd floor - above the Nike shop

Gladstonos 12-14
8046 Paphos 

Phone: (+357 ) 99 256 319

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Nikolas Konstantinou - Cyhub coworking

Nikolas Konstantinou

Heavy Freddo espresso & phone addict.
Michael Halkjær Jakobsen - Cyhub coworking

Michael Jakobsen

Big fan of crafty 'orange juice'.

Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday:
    09.00 - 19.00
  • Saturday & Sunday:
    09.00 - 17.00
Longterm members get their own key for 24 hour access.


Possibly asked questions

What's the WiFi speed?

It's fast for Cyprus! At the moment we have two connections. One main connection for fast regular use with speed of 50/4 mbps and one backup connection with speed of 8/8 mbps - which is also a slightly better choice for those who upload a lot.

The backup connection is adjustable and can be upgraded from day to day if faster upload is needed.

Can I bring my dog or cat?
Sadly not. We love pets - but this is not allowed in building.
Can I work nights at Cyhub?

Only longterm members can get 24 hour access. 

For starters we close at 19.00 on week days. But we will be working on an automated lock system if we get many requests for this.

Longterm members of Cyhub can, however, get their own key to the hub and work whenever they feel like it.

Can I buy food at Cyhub?

Nope - but there are a lot of restaurants and takeaway joints around with excellent options.

We do have a fridge, a microwave oven, a toaster and an awesome BBQ on the roof top. So feel free to bring your own food.

And we are working on some arrangements with food delivery to the hub. Stay tuned for that one.

What kind of events do you do?

We do BBQ nights and other hangabout nights at the hub - and we do wine tours, look-at-old-stuff tours, hiking tours, present your work nights and the likes. 

The rest is up to our members - as long as it is nerdy or fun we're in!

Is Nikolas single?
He's a stunner - no doubt about it... Afraid he is happily married though.
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